Monday, March 9, 2015

D Day activities by Shirley

Tomorrow begins our new middle school mini courses. This is an opportunity for teachers to offer a variety of workshops that include their passions, interests and perhaps subject areas.  These courses meet for almost a full day on D Days and a shorter meeting of 80 minutes on H days. Our school runs on an eight day schedule so we meet roughly once per week for four weeks.

My offering is a basic course on blogging, something I love to do, but recently have fallen off the wagon with the consistency and development of my own blog. So time to change, regroup and try again….

I hope to be inspired to write a continuous stream of interesting blog posts using my students for my inspiration. Blogging needs to be done regularly and my hope from this workshop is that I can find the time to write weekly short posts both reflective in nature and informative and useful to other educators. I hope be to write about this workshop and what we hope to accomplish, learn and share with each other and the rest of the world. 

Day 1 Agenda
Following great blogs is part of becoming a successful blogger. Today we will find some great student blogs to follow, curate them using Feedly - a news aggregator, read some inspirational posts and comment on what we liked about them. Then we will explore the platforms used and decide on suitable platforms for us...