Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Martin Institute of Technology Conference 2013

Over the Wall

and into

the World: 


Transformative Education in the Digital Era

Teaching is a willingness to connect and learn with students. New technologies including social media, Google apps and media production create opportunity to live the mission of learning for life. We tell the story of our journey - the good, the bad and the unexpected.  Experience through the work of students how their learning - and ours - has spilled over the walls of the school and into the world.  Participants will have a chance to brainstorm ideas and build a PLN within the workshop.
Participants will:
  • Realize that transforming from 20th to 21st century teaching and learning is a realistic, possible and necessary goal
  • Leave with several before and after examples comparing old methods to transformed methods
  • Be inspired to try at least one of the digital tools presented
  • Link skills, and values as a teacher to the concept of connected learning
  • Leave with a PLN of contacts, including Laura and Shirley to continue the journey

Laura Graceffa 

As a teacher and department chair at Poughkeepsie Day School, Laura values student centered education.  With the advent of a one-to-one laptop program, she became a leader in finding opportunities to guide students to connect with each other, and their particular interests, weaving digital tools through her course work.   She is a teacher consultant with the Hudson Valley Writing Project, and enjoys the chance to take her interest in student centered education to the community of teachers.  In addition to presentations for the Writing Project, Laura has presented at NYSAIS workshops, and the Association of Middle Level Education.

Shirley Rinaldi 

This is Shirley’s twentieth year at Poughkeepsie Day School, where she has taught both elementary and middle school grades. Her passion is with middle schoolers, where she loves to create, collaborate and share globally alongside her students. With the integration of technology in the classroom, she became an exemplary teacher innovating new tools and and a structure for facilitating a digital classroom.  Her classroom is known for including voices from around the world as her students connect online in real time. Shirley has presented at The Independent Curriculum Group, NYAIS workshops and a TweetMeet in Ireland via Google Hangout.

Presentation Slides